The ITC Story- Women's Entrepreneurship

Client - ITC

Duration- 6 min 34 sec

Online Campaign

Producer, Director & Director of Photography : Umang Bhattacharyya

Script & Voice over : Shabani Hassanwalia

Editor & Post production manager : Pulkita Parsai

Music : Abhishek Mathur & Gaurav Chintamani

2nd Camera : Anurag Dasgupta

Location sound : Shailendra Singh

Colour grading : Srikanth Kobathu

Post production assistance : Samarth Dixit

Summary : Challenging the definition of a working woman in an Indian context, the film sets up the rural working woman as a site for unrecognised labour. She’s a working woman who is left out of income figures and GDP debates, even though she heads 23 million households in rural India. These are families that often can't afford even medical treatment for their ailing children. ITC’s Women Empowerment program helps turn rural women into successful entrepreneurs. With a focus on women who live in extreme poverty and are sole earning members, ITC provides training and financial support so women can set up small businesses, form self-help groups or micro- enterprises, and brings in technology for the woman farmer. It has had a cascading effect. These women are building savings, investing in their own health and nutrition, becoming decision makers in families and communities, and breaking biases built over thousands of years.

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