Help Me Fly

Childline TVC

Duration : 30 seconds

Technique/Format : Stop motion animation

Broadcast : Pogo, Cartoon Network, HBO, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon

Concept & Script : Himali Kapil, Kunal Sen & Umang Bhattacharyya

Direction and Camera : Umang Bhattacharyya & Kunal Sen

Animation : Kunal Sen

This TVC is part of the HELP ME FLY campaign that was created for Childline India Foundation. Childline wanted a tvc to solicit donations, that would express that they weren’t merely a telephone line for children, but a group that is involved in larger aspects of child rights for underprivileged children; a tvc which would move away from the clutter of ‘ngo ads’.And so, HELP ME FLY was born.Using stop-motion animation, it tells a magical story of a little boy’s adventure. There's no playing on sympathy, no guilt, no pleading. Just a joyous exuberance that is childhood, where anything is possible.

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