The ITC Story- Water

Client - ITC

Duration- 6 min 16 sec

Online Campaign

Producer, Director, Director of Photography & Co- Editor : Umang Bhattacharyya

Script & Voice over : Shabani Hassanwalia

Co-editor : Sajid Akbar 

Music : Abhishek Mathur & Gaurav Chintamani

2nd Camera : Anurag Dasgupta

Location sound : Shailendra Singh

Post production manager : Pulkita Parsai

Colour grading : Srikanth Kobathu

Post production assistance : Samarth Dixit

Summary : For over two decades, ITC’s Social Investments Programme has worked on soil and moisture conservation to revive livelihoods and ecosystems in rural India. Scenes of labour migration set the context for the critical fallout that comes from a national water crisis. Memories are triggered, and farmers narrate their history in a time when they had nothing to eat, and nothing would grow. Through collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships including government agencies, village panchayats, NGOs and communities, ITC helped build and regenerate water harvesting structures to reverse land degradation, provide perennial irrigation, and transform agricultural productivity. The story is told through the eyes of farmers who have witnessed a return of water on dry land, and of a way of life that sustained not just families, but communities. With a coverage of over 950,000 acres and 269,000 households, this resurgence of water has helped catalyse a holistic social revolution.

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