The ITC Story - Skilling & Vocational Training

Client - ITC

Duration- 5 min 16 sec

Online Campaign

Producer, Director & Director of Photography : Umang Bhattacharyya

Script & Voice over : Shabani Hassanwalia

Editor : Samarth Dixit

Music : Abhishek Mathur & Gaurav Chintamani

2nd Camera : Anurag Dasgupta

Location sound : Shailendra Singh

Colour grading : Srikanth Kobathu

Post production manager : Pulkita Parsai

Summary : Every year, around 15 million young boys and girls enter India's workforce - yet the country faces a huge skills gap. As of 2018, there were 31 million unemployed Indians. A major reason is a lack of access to quality training in marketable skills. Khusro, 26, is one such youth from small town India, and the protagonist of this film. With a head full of hope and heart full of dreams, he found himself defeated by a social reality that he didn’t create. Along with, Dharmendra, Saurabh and Sarita, Khusro tells a story of how their life began to change, when they found themselves at a Skill and Vocational Training initiative run by ITC – that skills them up, and gets them their first jobs. We witness the protagonists get ready for employment, find confidence, and shape themselves while dreaming new dreams in this new, volatile India.

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